Reno Power - Commercial Tankless Water Heater Services

Tankless water heaters they are one of the best gas products available. With lower operating costs, continuos hot water, space savings, cleaner water supply, longer equipment life, to name a few benefits over their tank-type counterparts.

   The heaters require some maintenance, especially with our hard water here in Florida. The units need to have the accumulation of lime and calcium deposits minimized. This is best achieved by not allowing the scale & hard water deposits to ever form!  We have equipment that will keep your heaters, valving, pumps, and fixtures clean & deposit free, allowing the heaters and their components to function properly to produce a water heating system which is efficient & dependable!


Note: when caused by lime and calcium build-ups these heat exchanger failures are not covered under the manufacturers warranty.

   Additionally, if the fan, orifice plate, burners, and heat exchanger aren't kept clean on the air side, the air / fuel mixture will be affected leading to mis-fires & sometime sooting up of the units. The message is keep your heater clean & it will provide you with dependable hot water.

Please consider allowing us to upgrade your tankless water heating system. We service all brands of tankless water heaters and are very well trained and equipped to make sure your happy with your tankless purchase.


We will consult & troubleshoot systems not providing dependable - consistent temperature hot water.

Thank you for your consideration, Steven and Charlotte Flocker